Back to School

We made it through summer and survived the first week back to school!

The kids are excited about their teachers and classes and we are looking forward to a great year ahead. My kids are setting goals and engaging in activities and we are setting a new routine.

My youngest, started Kindergarten! Yea! He is in a co-taught class with a general ed teacher and a IMG_1330special ed teacher. He also has a para to go with him to specials. So far, he is doing great and we are working on potty training with the teacher.

He is also ready finding a name for himself in the school. After school at walkers you can find him standing next to the teacher calling out student names as they get picked up! So cute!

My social butterfly is happy to back in school and wants play dates every day. Her goal is to get in Discovery.

My oldest entered her last year of Middle School and Im proud that she decided to join the special friends club to be a peer mentor in the special ed class once a week. That’s my girl!


Our schools provide agenda planners for the students and I am working with them to make sure they use it to keep track of assignments, extra curriculars and even chores. Might as well start them early on organization!

Here’s to a great year ahead.

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