2017 The Year of Renovation

My word for 2017 is Renovate.

Definition of renovate, renovated; renovating

transitive verb
1: to restore to a former better state (as by cleaning, repairing, or rebuilding)
2: to restore to life, vigor, or activity: revive

I can think of no more appropriate word. I have been taking stock in my life and a number of areas could be restored to new life and vigor.

Revonate our home After four years lease purchasing our 1960s-era home, we finally purchased it at the end of 2016 and are eager to make some major renovations. A lot of the renovations will be DIY, and it will be slow going, but worth the investment.

We have been living in a very cluttered and disorganized environment for a while and those types of surroundings really sap my energy level. I am on a kick to get rid of extra stuff. Truly bring in what is beautiful and pleasing and set up systems of order.

Frankly, every area needs to be touched and my kids and dogs need retraining as it is beginning to feel more like a zoo than a home!

Renovating our home for this year means:

  • New floors, baseboards, doors, paint and furnishings in rec room. It will include a craft/homework area and a TV/Game area and possibly a Murphy bed for guests.
  • New floors,  baseboards, doors, trim, paint, bedding and some decor for my teenager’s room.
  • Finish laundry room redo with a new doggie door and pet area.
  • Possible new bathroom for downstairs.
  • Fix sagging floors above crawl space/below the main level.
  • All new flooring, baseboards, trim and paint in the main level.
  • New kitchen and opening the wall between kitchen and dining.
  • Adding in windows and replacing the front door.

There is a lot more to do, but I hope we can tackle the above this year. We are in the rec room phase right now.

Along with the actual renovation is a lot of purging and reorganizing. Redoing our main level has me analyzing how we live and what we might need to help reduce clutter such as a better-organized landing spot for shoes, backpacks, and coats, as well as a designated closet for brooms and mops.

Personal Renovation is also high on my priority list this year. As I approach my mid-forties, I realize that I look and feel much older than I should. The weight challenge is still a big issue (no pun intended), while I think my mindset has become healthier in the past year, my waistline has not. This is the year I will tackle this beast! I must become gazelle-like focused on winning the weight loss battle. And to win, I am looking beyond the scale and just what and how I eat. I am paying attention to overall wellness. I want to revive my overall appearance through skin care and attention to wardrobe and daily physical activity. I am prioritizing rest, renewal of spirit, and personal time, as well as making efforts to reduce stress. Which leads me to the next renovation…my schedule.

Renovating my schedule is a challenge I will face this year. It is challenging because I like to say “yes” to new opportunities and I like to volunteer and be involved in things. However, now is not the time in my life for a lot of extras that don’t directly involve my family, my relationships or my work. My children and husband need more of me, I need more time for friends, hobbies, and interests and to continue to do well in my career, I need to remain a high performer. I  sometimes have to remind myself that high performing does not mean doing everything. So, I am learning to say no and to remove certain obligations that keep me on a screen or away from my family.

Renovating our environment. I am hoping the newly organized home and revised schedule will help us to renovate the tone and cadence of our home life. Perhaps influenced by the times, the tone has been negative of late around our home. Children bickering constantly, harsh words, raised voices, and overall stressful vibes in the air. The day to day weekly routine is about survival and getting things done. We have little to no time of just enjoying being together as a family. My kids need nurturing, training and more attention. My relationship with my spouse could use some nurturing too.

We have a lot of work to do ahead to rebuild and restore peace and vigor to our life. It will take a lot of work and prioritization. It is a lot to balance – actual renovation, health, exercise, time, relationships. It will require us to stay in focus and say “no” to things that won’t help us get to our goals. But it is the year of renovation and we will embrace it!

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