I Couldn’t Let Go of Never Let Go

Never Let Go by Elizabeth Goddard is a riveting mystery where genealogist Willow Anderson takes over an unsolved case to find a baby who was abducted from the hospital 20 years ago. During the investigation, she runs into an ex-flame and for her protection, must work with him to solve the case.

With a long-unsolved child abduction, a possible murder, death threats, the regret of lost love and secrets of the past that are bound to come to the surface, this book packs plenty of intrigues, to keep you turning the pages.

Unfamiliar with genealogy, I found the description of Willow’s job and approach to solving cases interesting. Willow is a likable character. A woman of strength and compassion, but also vulnerable and worried she won’t live up to her expectations or compare to her beloved grandfather.

Her love interest Austin McKade is the strong sensitive type. Slow and hesitant to open up, keeping a secret that drives a wedge between him and Willow. The two make a good investigative team and spark up plenty of sexual tension.

Ultimately, Austin’s big secret wasn’t as earth-shattering as one might have expected. I think that could have been a bit more dramatic. 

The background to the story was set up well, beginning with the kidnapping incident and then taking us to present day 20 years later. Two areas that could have used a little more detail were the relationship with JT and Willow and more about the relationship and break up between Willow and Austin.

There were several twists in the plot that were well constructed and let to a riveting ending. I seriously had a hard time ending my lunch break because I wanted to find out the ending, Being a fan of crime drama, I enjoyed reading Never Let Go and look forward to her next book in the series.

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