Breaking the Power of Negative Words

As a writer, I understand the power of words to tell a story, shape perception, and create beliefs and feelings. From my own experience, I understand how remarks of others have influenced how I feel about myself and subsequently actions I have taken to negate or fulfill those statements.

Sadly, I know I have stung others with my own word choices including my friends, my husband and children.

I have also seen negative words spoken by others and about others shape how whole groups of people are seen.

I have watched loved ones talk about their lives in defeated, negative words and never rise up from that attitude to make true progress.

The book Breaking the Power of Negative Words by Mary Busha is a discussion with readers to help them identify the words spoken in the past that have stuck with them and the negative self-talk that we fill our minds with.

Using scriptures, brain science, examples, and questions Busha helps us understand the real impact of negative words, leads us into forgiveness of self and others, and illustrates how positive words can have enormous power in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Reminding us that we were created for a purpose and chosen by God, Busha also encourages us to explore the words that God speaks about us. The book is written in a practical tone with meaningful illustrations that bring key points to life. Each chapter ends with a set of questions to help the reader apply the insights to their own experience.

If there are words in your past that still sting, this book can help you move past them and understand how positive words can heal.

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