Why moms should take trips

Girl, Take the Trip! Why moms should take trips, go on the getaways, make the momcations!

There are so many benefits to a weekend away. Yet, so many moms feel guilty for taking a “momcation.” There is no guilt in getting the self-care you need. let’s discuss why moms should take trips and leave the guilt behind.

I’m so excited to be taking a long weekend with some 800 other moms of kids with Down Syndrome at the Rockin Moms Retreat in Nashville. We have been sharing on the retreat Facebook group and many moms post that they feel guilty for taking the time away from their families and the money to go on this retreat.

Mom guilt. It’s real. We all feel it at times. Women especially are called to be so many things to so many people. We want to serve everyone, do our best, be good moms. 

Mothers of kids with special needs may feel extra guilt because leaving a child who needs extra care means giving someone else the daily weight they carry for a while. 

Why moms should take a trip away

Sweet moms, you so deserve a break. From the guilt, from the daily mental and physical load you carry. So, here is my take on why moms should take trips.

You deserve to tap into that person you were before you were a mom. What interests have you put aside? What parts of you have you buried? You are a whole person. More than mom, caregiver, provider, teacher, disciplinarian, spiritual guide, cook, maid, and Uber driver. 

To be the best version of yourself, you need to rediscover yourself. To tap into your passions and to allow yourself time to recharge, reflect, refuel. 


By doing this you are giving your family more than you can realize. You are giving them a happier mom, a more relaxed mom who is better equipped to handle the chaos of life. You are teaching your kids that you are important. That it is important to take care of yourself. And you are giving them experiences with their father, other parent or grandparents that will be memorable all their own.

Shape magazine writes about several benefits to “momcations,” including giving yourself a break from stress, providing your children with an example of balance, and bolstering your relationship with your husband.

Why is there no dad guilt?

Fathers don’t seem to have this trouble. Dads join baseball teams, play golf, go on guy trips to golf, camp or go to the football game. They don’t seem to agonize about the time away from the famous or the money these hobbies and trips cost. They know the secret. Steal some of this from their playbook. 

Mom, Take the Trip!

I try to have a long weekend without kids twice a year. Usually, it’s my Kenny Chesney weekend and a retreat of some sort. When the sibling bickering gets unbearable, and the mouthiness gets on my last nerve, I count down the days when I can be with girlfriends, go to the bathroom and take a shower without an audience, be served a meal, sleep in, and have a conversation without a million interruptions. 

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So to all moms out there! It is okay to take time to enjoy something for you. Whether it is a class, a girl’s night out, or a long weekend. Don’t lose yourself in motherhood. Reclaim and rediscover your best self and then introduce her to your families. I hope by now you are not asking why moms should take trips, but when should I take that trip!

Why moms should take trips
Girl, Take the Trip

Bon, voyage! 

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