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The Words Between Us by Erin Bartels

Book cover of the Words Between Us

The Words Between Us book review: This book is an enthralling story of Robin Windsor and how her world was changed at the transitional age of 14 by a crime her parents committed and the impact those events had on her as an adult.

Uprooted from her high society life, and sent to live in a trailer with a grandmother who she has never met, Robin is left to grapple with the aftermath of her parents being sent to prison. Choosing to hide her identity, Robin begins a new life as Robin Dickenson. 

The story switches from her 14-year-old self to her life as a young adult. Set in a small Riverside town in Minnesota, Her story as a teen unwinds in her grandma’s trailer, the backyard cemetery, and the local high school as she desperately tries to keep her identity hidden. She turns to the characters in the books she reads to keep her company, as well as her friendship with a senior named Peter. Peter has had his own loss with his mother dying of cancer. This unites the two.

Robin is a sympathetic and brave character however her fear of the world is sometimes frustrating though one can understand it.

Peter is a likable guy and I was rooting for their relationship. He was tender even in his own grief. He was her lifeline.

Several other characters played key roles in Robin’s life like angels along the way. Dave Dewitt – a loner, a naturalist who becomes a father figure to Robin and helps her heal.
Dawt P. provides companionship as well as a sense of responsibility that keeps her going in her business. Sara becomes the friend that challenged Robin to step outside her comfort one and helps Robin find closure on her past and a new path for the future. 

The story had a lot of tension which made me eager to keep reading and wondering:

How would she survive?
How would she move forward?
What would happen if Peter found out?

Then an added mystery unfolded at the end of the book when her father’s guilt cane into question. Had he been framed? By whom?

Reading the book was like unwrapping many little puzzle pieces one at a time, and in the end the full picture is revealed. Erin Bartels is talented at weaving a story across multiple generations. As seen in my review of We Hope for Better Things, which runs through three generations.

My only critique is that the resolution came then the story ended too abruptly. I wanted to have more of what happened after Robin leaves the bookstore. Hopefully, there will be a sequel that ties up the loose ends left behind.

The Words Between Us is a great read and intriguing story of plot twists, trust, love, and redemption. Book lovers will certainly understand how Robin finds comfort in her books. Get the book on Amazon and other great book stores.

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