October Book Review: Dark Ambitions by Irene Hannon

I am a big fan of Irene Hannon and have read many of her books. She is skilled in tales of crime-solving and romance. In Dark Ambitions, Hannon turns up the heat on the Romance. Hannon has always been tactful about the romance part of the story, she writes more about the attraction and the relationship development and hints at the sexual parts. However, in Dark Ambitions the sexual tension is on overdrive.

Irene Hannon turns up the heat with Dark Ambitions.

Don’t get me wrong, the main gist of her stories is crime-solving and in this tale, Rick Jordan, an ex-army night stalker, gets a mysterious visit from an old army buddy who disappears. Suspecting foul play, he hires PI Heather Shields to find his friend and a complicated crime starts to unravel. 

As Heather and Rick search for his friend, we get a view of the story from five characters and a mysterious sixth, or is it one of the other characters? Motives are laid out and the suspense builds as Heather and Rick get closer to the truth. 

If you like crime suspense novels, this is a good one to pick up. 

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