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Elizabeth Goddard’s Present Danger

Elizabeth Goddard‘s Present Danger is another thriller from this talented author. Present Danger is the first novel in her new Rocky Mountain Courage series. A romantic, crime drama set in the Mountains of Montana. The story grabs you from the beginning with a plane crash followed by a search and rescue mission where you meet detective Jack Tanner as he comes across a dead body in the forest.

Present Danger, Elizabeth Goddard

On his search for the killer, Jack is paired with his former flame, US Forest Service Special Agent Terra Conners. The investigation leads to a deeper, and more dangerous mystery involving stolen artifacts.

Keeps you on the edge of your seat

Goddard gives us plenty of twists and turns in Present Danger, as the story unfolds. I enjoyed the fast pace and multi-layered mystery. The story includes a mysterious man, who is the victim of a plane crash and is running from danger. A well-loved man in the community shows up dead and reveals a secret life. Jack and Terra wind up working together and must face the past hurts and feelings that never died. The person behind the stolen artifacts doesn’t want his crimes discovered and everyone is in danger as he covers his tracks.

The story keeps the reader guessing and anticipating the next twist. Terra and Jack are strong characters. I like that Terra is portrayed as a strong, successful female. She is feisty and determined and wants to protect those she loves. Jack is a strong and determined man who has something to prove to himself. He also has a caring and sensitive side as seen when he comes back to care for his aunt.

Pick up a copy

If you are looking for a fast-paced, crime story with a hint of romance, Present Danger is one to enjoy.


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