Crosshairs by Patricia Bradley

Return to Natchez Trace with Patricia Bradley’s Crosshairs

Book Review – Crosshairs by Patricia Bradley

In book three of the Natchez Trace series Patricia Bradley tells the story of Investigative Services Branch Ranger Ainsley Beaumont who returns to her hometown to investigate a murder of a pregnant teen. She soon finds herself the target of the murderer and ex-flame Lincoln Steele is assigned to help her on the case. He is a former FBI Sniper who after a bad incident left the FBI and became an interpretive ranger. Ainsley and Lincoln are former lovers, both hurt by their split when Ainsley left to pursue a singing career.

What’s next is a web of twists and turns and suspense. Bradley taps into the good old boy network of the old south, a political feud between two families, diaries that could reveal family secrets, jealousy, and revenge to weave a suspenseful, dangerous, and fast-paced story.

Crosshairs by Patricia Bradley

Though the book is part of a series, it stands alone in its own right. The story was nicely constructed with a fast pace and lots of action. The character development was believable and relatable. I enjoyed getting to know Ainsley and Lincoln. Lincoln’s struggle to deal with what happened during his time at the FBI becomes a crucial element of suspense in the story that he needs to overcome. Ainsley must learn to trust Lincoln and not hold on too tight to her independence.

Bradley’s use of dialogue, especially internal dialog, helps us to get to know each character and their motivations. She also does a great job of describing the setting without going into too much detail.

Crosshairs is a romantic suspense story whose characters are people of faith, one stronger than the other. This faith helps both Ainsley and Lincoln deal with their issues and face the danger ahead. The suspense rises throughout the story. I had some suspicions about who was behind the attacks on Ainsley, but Bradley got me in the end.


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