How do you know when you need a break?

To The Mountaintop

When Jesus was in the height of his ministry and thousands of people were clamoring to get a glimpse of him and listen to his wisdom, he retreated. He went away to the mountains to rest, reflect, pray and renew.

This week my favorite artist Kenny Chesney announced he would be taking a break from his usual whirlwind summer tour schedule in 2010. Overwhelmingly, most of his fans support this decision even though his concert experience is one we look forward to all year. For my husband and I, the concert is our one splurge together each year (as we are living on cash and pounding away our debt). It is our break to refresh, cut loose and have fun together. So we will greatly miss seeing Kenny in Atlanta next summer.

While I am not comparing  Kenny Chesney to Jesus in any way, if any artist deserves a break it is Kenny. He has been touring hard for nine years, earning entertainer of the year for the past several years. Well-deserved, I might add. He gives his fans all he has – like playing in a torrential downpour in Dallas earlier this year and then giving a free make-up concert to all those who had tickets to the rained-out show, and playing in Columbia, S.C. in 2008 after getting his foot caught in the hydraulic lift that gets him onstage in the opening song. He was in tremendous pain, but sucked it up and put on a fabulous show.

While, I don’t have thousands of followers and fans desiring to get a glimpse of me, like most moms, I too need some time, however brief, to go to the mountaintop and rest, revive and relax. So this weekend, that is what I am doing. Taking time to explore my creativity, contemplate life and enjoy the stories of other women. I will return renewed and energized so that I can serve my family and my clients with new fervor and clarity.

Everyone deserves and needs some time to break away, get away to fill their tanks and renew. So this fall, I hope you find some time to retreat to your mountaintop.

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