Sheran Memories Debuts on WordPress

Greetings! I have been blogging for several years on Blogger at and JS-for web (blue)have finally decided to make the leap to Word Press. I am in the process of migrating old content over to this site and will post new posts here moving forward.

I hope you will join me as I blog about my attempts to craft a remarkable life!

For the next few months my posts will focus on the whole home renovation we are about to undertake. I thought it would be fun to capture the process step by step.

I also typically discuss topics related to raising kids in general and specifically related to developmental disability, home organization, book reviews and more.

I am launching a new Planner system called Sheran Memories Purpose and Pause planner which is currently in Beta testing and will be ready for purchase for 2016.

I look forward to connecting with you and learning from you!

Thanks for joining me!







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