90 Minutes in Heaven Atlanta Premier

Earlier this month, I was treated to a night on the town and a red carpet movie premier of the new film 90 Minutes in Heaven with my hubby. 

The movie premiered at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta. This historic theater is always a treat to go to. 

The movie is based on a best-selling book and is the true story of a young pastor named Don Piper, who gets in a tragic wreck and is pronounced dead for 90 minutes.

Having not read the book, I thought the movie would be about Heaven, however, it was more about how you handle living on earth once you get a glimpse of what it is like in God’s presence.

Actor Hayden Christensen (Star Wars Episode III) portrays the physical and emotional pain of this experience with raw purity.

Actress Kate Bosworth (Blue Crush) plays a loyal and stoic spouse with all the grit and tenacity of a southern woman facing crisis.

 This story of perseverance, hope and acceptance of one’s purpose, makes you wonder how you might handle standing at the Pearly Gates only to be swept back to earth in a completely wrecked body with a long recovery ahead. 

The film poetically tackles depression, recovery, financial struggle, loneliness and the power of faith, hope, love and friendship. It is worth 90 minutes in the theater for sure! 


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