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While I was at the 90 minutes in Heaven premiere, Governor Deal mentioned that Georgia is the third state in the nation in film production! Another Georgia film is opening this weekend and is based on a story that is close to home. I was able to see an advance screening of the movie and read the book it is based on, and I have to say this is a riveting real-life drama!

In the book Captive, Ashley Smith Robinson shares her raw story of brokenness and addiction which led to the Captive by Ashley Smith Robinsonturning point where she found her purpose. On that fateful day, another broken soul, Brian Nichols escaped from the Fulton County Courthouse, killing several people in his path and initiating a statewide manhunt. Nichols forced his way into Ashley’s apartment in an Atlanta suburb where she was held captive. Ashley’s motivation to be reunited with her daughter kept her thinking straight and ultimately led to her survival. The book shares the details of that harrowing event and is a story of redemption and hope.

The movie, which is a close representation of the book, is well-acted by David Oyelowo and Kate Mara. It had me glued to my seat. I vividly remember the event that unfolded in my home city. I was amazed at the level-headedness Ashley summed as a recovering addict. She was determined to survive the ordeal, which had many close calls.

Tv Coverage Brian NicholsCAPTIVE

I had the pleasure of meeting Ashley’s family and hearing a first-hand account of that night as she answered questions at the screening. She said she used that night as a catalyst for a renewed relationship with God, her family and herself. Her turning point was when Nichols asked her to do drugs with him. An addict, it would have been easy to say yes, but she somehow knew the decision could alter the course of her life and said “no” standing up to her captor. It must be scary after all this time to share these intimate details of that night.

If you like crime dramas, you will love this book and movie. If you have a turning point in your life, you will certainly relate to this story. I encourage you to pick up the book or catch the film, opening September 18 in a theater near you. Watch the trailer here.




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