How I Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! 3/21 signifies the three copies of the 21st chromosome that make my little man so darn perfect! World Down Syndrome Day is celebrated around the world and is even recognized by the United Nations. I celebrate it as a day of advocacy, awareness, and appreciation.

World Down Syndrome Day Advocacy My day began with advocacy at the GA Capital where I met with other families and self-advocates who are part of the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta. We were greeted that morning by House Representative Scott Hilton and a Representative from Athens. Scott showed us a sneak peek at a declaration signed by Gov.Deal declaring it Down Syndrome Day in Georgia. We then scurried across the street to the Capitol building to be ready for a photo op with the Governor. I was able to shake Governor Deal’s hand and thank him for the support. Afterward, we were ushered to the gallery of the House chamber to hear Scott present the declaration on the House floor.

Later, I attended a “3/21 Over 21 event” where I was very moved by the presentations of three young adults with Down syndrome. One has been married for 14 years, has a job at a local hospital and lives a fulfilling life; another young man lives in his own apartment with a roommate, has had the same job for 20 years and is very active in the community; and another young man is graduating from college with a degree in exercise science and wants to be a trainer. They each gave me so much hope and anticipation for Joey’s future. It was truly amazing. Joey Sheran EDSD

To know my Joey is to love him. He has changed me in so many ways and is every day making me a more accepting, patient, and hopeful person. He is a light of joy in our family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

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