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What I am Reading: Beneath the Surface Review

Beneath The Surface Review
First Novel in a new crime series does not disappoint

So, one of my 2018 goals is to read 24 books. While I plan on at least half of them be educational to help me grow in business or other areas of my life, I also plan to work in a good dose of titles that are purely for pleasure and relaxation. My favorite genre of books, TV or movies is crime investigations and mysteries.  I think it comes from the love I had for Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books in my youth.

My latest crime mystery is the first in a new series by Lynn H. Blackburn, Beneath the Surface – Dive Team Investigations. What is really cool is that Lynn is a Christian author and she weaves in the role of faith when facing fear and uncertainty as the characters grapple with faith and fear. The book is a romantic suspense with just enough balance between the two. While I was left rooting for the budding romance between the two main characters, Leigh and Ryan, I was captivated by the mystery the Dive team investigators were trying to solve. This was not a novel with an obvious suspect. It kept you wondering until the end and was an unexpected surprise.

I am looking forward to the next mystery the Dive Team Investigators have to solve and I hope we hear what happens next for Leigh and Ryan.

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