Journey to Health with PCOS

Road to Optimal Health with PCOS

I have written before about my struggle with PCOS and I have to say, I’m not much further along on my journey than I was then. It is very much a head game and although I made progress in the early part of 2017, a series of events in the latter part of the year turned my focus and I gained any I lost and then some.

Still, I journey on, knowing I must get it under control for my health and well-being.

PCOS Journey

So, I am going to regularly blog about my efforts to follow a PCOS diet and health regimen, which includes a low carb/low sugar diet, plenty of rest, stress reduction and aerobic exercise. I will share my struggles, challenges, and strategies to overcome, succeed or fail.

Currently, I am doing Weight Watchers and I get a lot of support from the weekly meetings. We have the best meeting in my town. We share a lot of tips and recipes and even have a monthly clothing swap and do Zumba every once in a while. Having a group to cheer you on and lift you up is very important. Being accountable to someone is also important, so I want this blog to serve as an accountability factor for me.

The new WW program is focused on low-fat protein, fruits, and vegetables, which is good for me. I need to follow a food plan that is high protein and fat, low carb and low sugar. I plan to use the points for my fat and then basically follow Keto in my food choices. Keto has shown to be successful for people with PCOS. So I am doing a PCOS/Keto version of Weight Watchers.

There are a number of foods that those with PCOS are recommended to avoid. I will start cutting most of these from my diet, especially those that don’t fit with Keto.

If you would like to follow my journey or join along with me, follow me on Facebook. I will post more frequently on my Sheran Memories page on Facebook and do a weekly blog here. I’d love to encourage you in your journey and swap strategies and tips for success.

Here is to never giving up and becoming our best selves for optimal living.

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