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The suspense novel Collision of Lies is enthralling

Collision of Lies Book Cover
An enthralling suspense novel

The new suspense novel Collision of Lies by Tom Threadgill is an enthralling tale. The heroine, detective Amara Alvarez blends her intuition with solid detective work to revisit a closed case and solve a mysterious crime with an elaborate coverup.

Alvarez is a likable character. She has strong relationships with her partner and her family. Alvarez also has compassion for the families she comes in contact with as a property crimes detective. Yet she is tough. She has aspirations to become a homicide detective and is eager to prove herself. Even so, She is not overly ambitious. If she wasn’t as confident in herself she may have given up.

At first, it isn’t even clear there is a mystery to solve. Threadgill unravels the mystery with tiny micro clues that slowly begin to add up. The cast of characters that round out the story is well developed. We come to know and like the flirty detective Starsky, Dr. Pritchard and his weird habit of explaining the root of common sayings, Detective Dotson, and Sara the Texas Ranger. Each of these characters partner with Alvarez to solve the crime.

I enjoyed reading the book and would most definitely read the next novel from Tom Threadgill.

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