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Network of Deceit is another page-turner by Tom Threadgill

Network of Deceit is another page-turner by Tom Threadgill. Threadgill has a way of unraveling a tale bit by bit, throwing in the unexpected along the way. In this novel, we meet Detective Amara Alvarez, an up-and-coming detective. After she cracked a big kidnapping case, she meets her goal to transfer to the homicide division and as a result, is given her first case.

A plot with many twists

Network of Deceit, Tom Threadgill, crime thriller review
Network of Deceit is another page-turner

The story grabs your attention right away when a boy is found unconscious floating at a waterpark. At first, the case looks like a death caused by heat exhaustion, but Alvarez believes there is something more going on. A feisty Alvarez is determined to dig beneath the surface and find the truth. As she pulls back each layer to solve the puzzle, Alvarez encounters a sophisticated online crime network. And she better beware, because they have eyes on her.

The plot is full of suspense, including several twists along the way.

Threadgill creates characters who are relatable, determined to find the truth, sarcastic, and humorous. For example, Detective Alvarez faces an uphill battle as a rookie female homicide detective. Yet she takes the jabs as good as the rest of them.

The previous book in this series, Collision of Lies introduces us to Alvarez and is also a must-read.

Stands on its own

The book is on the Christian book lists, although there is nothing religious in this book. However, there is nothing that would be particularly offensive to Christian readers. The mystery is strong enough without the wanton sex and profanity. I really appreciate that you can enjoy a thrilling mystery, and even a little romance, without it getting raunchy.

Network of Deceit is another page-turner by Tom Threadgill and a fast-paced thriller that keeps you enthralled from the first page to the last. I am looking forward to the next novel in this series.


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