Book review, Patricia Bradley’s Obsession

Another page-turning suspensful romance!

In this post, I discuss my February book review, Patricia Bradley’s Obsession. Bradley doesn’t disappoint us with the second book in her Natchez Trace Park Ranger Series. In Standoff, the first book in the series, we meet a team of park rangers in Natchez, Mississippi. In Obsession, we meet two new Natchez Trace rangers Emma Winters and Sam Ryker, along with a strong supporting group of characters.

Book review Patricia Bradley’s Obsession

Obsession Storyline

Obsession has a storyline with multiple threads. First, Emma is researching an African American cemetery at a historical site on the Natchez Trace Park trail. When her excavation unearths answers to a decade-long mystery that someone doesn’t want to be discovered, Emma becomes a target. At the same time, she begins getting unwanted attention from an overzealous and misguided admirer.

A third thread includes Sam Ryker, a Natchez Trace investigative ranger. He becomes tangled up in the middle of the investigation surrounding the attacks on his ex-fiance Emma. However, the two haven’t spoken for ten years because Emma partly blamed Sam for her brother’s disappearance. After spending time together again, the two discover that their feelings have never dissipated.

A Puzzling Conflict

Bradley gives readers three puzzles. Who and why was someone digging at the cemetery? Who is the admirer threatening Emma? What happened to Emma’s missing brother?

The gripping tale includes action, danger, and the drama of reuniting with an old flame. As you would expect, the pace is swift. The page-turner kept me enthralled and eager for the next twist.

Likable Protagonists

Obsession includes well-developed characters. For example, Emma is a strong and successful ranger who is passionate about her work. She also is relatable because she has insecurities about trusting others and overcoming past guilt. Her ex, Sam, represents a lost love and safe place. However, Emma holds her own and is not portrayed as a helpless damsel in distress.

Sam is an honorable guy and capable investigator with his own reasons to seek resolution for past regrets. The attraction between the two clearly brings a strong tension throughout the storyline. The internal and external dialogue of the characters is realistic, natural, and believable.

Bradley presents several possible suspects for who is responsible for the stalking, theft, and attacks. Danger lurks around every turn as the story proceeds.

Book review Patricia Bradley’s Obsession – A mystery with lessons to be learned

The themes present in the book include making peace with the past, forgiveness, and trust.

In conclusion, I trust you will enjoy my February book review Patricia Bradley’s Obsession. This is a suspenseful mystery that will keep you guessing,


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