Standoff by Patricia Bradley

Patricia Bradley crafts a solid “who dunnit?” type story. And she was consistent with her latest novel, Standoff.

Standoff is set in Natchez, Mississippi, a small out of the way southern town along the National Parkway. All is not as it seems in this normally peaceful town. Luke Fereday is sent to his former hometown to investigate a possible drug ring and the town’s park ranger and his mentor is murdered.

Standoff by Patricia Bradley

The events reunite him with his mentor’s daughter Brooke who he was close with as a child. Brooke is becoming a ranger and is determined to get to the truth when her dad’s death is labeled as a suicide.

Brook finds herself a target of whoever was after her father. Luke is determined to protect her. Yet, Brooke knows Luke is holding something back. Old feelings for Luke and the attention of a handsome, sought-after bachelor, put Brooke in the middle of a confusing love triangle. Bradley does a great job of disclosing the backstory of Brooke and Luke with just enough information.

The story starts off at a fast pace and continues throughout. Standoff includes themes of mysterious villains, drugs, murder, politics, betrayal, and more. She introduces us to several possible villains in the story who could be behind the murder and threats. There may be a few too many characters as it was hard to keep track of the other rangers, yet she puts the puzzle pieces together one by one at the end.

Bradley’s books are classified as Christian. I think this is because they are Romantic Suspense without raunchiness and cursing. While the characters do display belief through prayer in response to fear, the Christian part of the book is more of an undertone.

I enjoy Patricia Bradley’s work. Last year, I reviewed Justice Delivered, an earlier book in her Justice series. Standoff is the first book in the Natchez Trace Park Ranger Series.

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