Bunch o Balloons equals a bunch of Summer fun

We are approaching the summer and more than two months of social distancing. We are all a bit stir crazy! I am on the lookout for ways for them to have fun and keep entertained at home. Bunch o Balloons is a fun outdoor water toy that equips kids for an epic battle! What kid doesn’t like a water balloon fight? Bunch o balloons equals a bunch of summer fun!

Bunch o Balloons Review

Basically, with Bunch OBalloons you can fill and tie about 35 balloons at a time in seconds. The pack we got included 350 balloons in different colors. The cost varies around $30-$40.

Bunch o Balloons Product Image
Bunch O Balloons
Sheran Kids playing with bunch o balloons

My kids had so much fun filling the balloons and then getting each other soaking wet. This pack gave us a couple of afternoons of much-needed fun. These balloons are great for a hot outdoor afternoon as well as for a party activity when we all get together again. This would also make an excellent gift for summertime birthdays.

Plus, the mess stays outdoors! It does leave behind tiny latex pieces that will need to be picked up so the birds don’t eat them. It would also not be safe for babies or kids with oral sensory issues who are likely to put things in their mouths.

That being said, I would definitely get another batch for my kids to play with. Since it looks like this summer we will need to keep entertaining at home, a toy like this will come in handy. This fun activity will definitely be in my stay at home rotation.

But don’t take my word for it.

My kids did there own demonstration and review video! Check it out here!

Bunch o Balloons equals a bunch of summer fun! Have you tried Bunch o Balloons? Let me know what you thought about them?

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This review reflects my opinion only and I was not paid or given free products in exchange for the review.

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