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Review of Silent Shadows by Natalie Walters

Silent Shadows, by Natalie Walters, is the story of Pecca Gallegos, a young single mom working at a veteran rehab center in a small town trying to hide her past. She hopes it is her new beginning.

Silent Waters by Natalie Walters

It is also the story of a young Army vet Colton Crawford, trying to recover from a disorder that threatens the life he had planned for. He hopes for restoration.

The two worlds collide at the right time. Danger comes looking for Pecca and Colton finds himself in a position to help and protect, despite his injuries. This gives him hope and purpose.

Pecca’s character is well-defined as a caring, selfless person and devoted mom determined to make a good life for her and her son in this small Georgia town. All the while she lives with an underlying fear that her past will find her. She is modest but tough. She has hopes for the life she has made but is on guard.

Colton is a hero-type. He is the quarterback who can no longer play the game. Strong and talented but broken. He feels useless and without direction, yet he clings on to hope for a cure. He is also honorable. He is a good guy with just enough edge to be believable.

The pace of the story hums along as the tale unfolds and a relationship forms. The story has suspense, and sweetness as well as a few well-timed surprises mixed in.

I truly enjoyed the read. This is a great book to take your mind of the quarantine or take to the beach when we finally get released!

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