Active Defense – Danger Never Sleeps

I love a good suspense thriller, so I am excited to share my review of Active Defense from the Danger Never Sleeps series by Lynette Eason. The latest book in the series could be read as a stand-alone, but I recommend the entire series as the action is well written and the characters are very likable.


The latest book in the Danger Never Sleeps series by Lynette Eason.

In Active Defense, Dr. Heather Fountaine returns from the Middle East to recover from the trauma of war. She cannot stop thinking about a suicide bomber who attacked the army hospital where she was stationed. Although shaken by the experience, Heather attends a party to reunite with friends back home. She tries to enjoy the evening, but something bothers her. She senses someone following her and fears she is in danger. Her friend and detective Travis Walker is also worried about Heather. When Heather’s suspicions prove to be true, Travis helps Heather find out who wants her dead and why.

Friends and colleagues are in it together

Eason presents relatable characters with interesting side stories that give the story greater depth. The strong cast of characters is a group of friends and coworkers. The two main characters in this story are Heather Fountaine and Travis Walker. Heather is a strong and independent character. She is smart and capable but also has built walls around her and doesn’t like to burden others with her problems. Due to an unstable childhood, Heather has deep issues with trust. She likes to think she can do things by herself and doesn’t like admitting she needs someone but her fierce independence puts her in danger.

Travis is a strong and caring man who also hesitates to open up to others. A loyal friend, Travis is determined to stick with Heather and keep her safe even if he has to do it secretly. Travis is the kind of guy we would all like in our corner.

Heather faces an unknown enemy

In Active Defense, there is plenty of action, danger, and mystery. Eason crafts a riveting tale that keeps readers engaged weaving in twists and turns that keep you guessing. The pace carries the reader along and you won’t want to put the book down.

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Romance blossoms as two friends face the odds

As usual, the two protagonists engage in a romantic relationship. Their friendship is natural and the relationship grows in a believable manner that keeps you rooting for them to the end.

A Worthy Read

Getting lost in this fast-paced, twisty tale is a great way to spend a few afternoons or a nice long evening enjoying a good story. I hope you enjoyed this review of Active Defense from the Danger Never Sleeps series.

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