August Book Review – Acceptable Risk

Reading is a form of self-care. An avid reader since I was little, I love to escape with a good fiction story, learn about past events, or gain new skills from nonfiction or business books. this month I choose a non-fiction novel. My August Book Review selection is the latest mystery by Lynette Eason, Acceptable Risk.

I love a good crime drama and Acceptable Risk hits the mark for action, tension, pace, believable characters, and intriguing backstories.

Plot Review

An acceptable risk is the likelihood of an event whose probability of occurrence is small, whose consequences are so slight, or whose benefits (perceived or real) are so great, that individuals or groups in society are willing to take or be subjected to the risk that the event might occur.


Military journalist Sara Denning is the protagonist in the story. The action kicks off in the Middle East where she is held hostage and just minutes from either being killed or sold. After a dramatic rescue, Sara finds herself back in the states and under the thumb of her demanding military father. Her world shatters once more when she is told her funloving brother committed suicide. Not believing the news, she embarks on a journey to find the truth behind her brother’s death.


Eason jumps right into the action of the plot and doesn’t slow down. The action is well-paced with new twists and turns as the storyline unfolds.


The characters are well developed. Sara is smart and stubborn with a fierce sense of justice, yet she lets her passion for finding her brother’s killer put herself into unsafe situations. She has a strong aversion to anyone controlling her so she has a difficult time opening up and asking for or receiving help.

When Sara is held hostage, a top team led by former flame, Army Ranger Gavin Black rescues the hostages. Gavin refuses to leave Sara’s side traveling with her back to the States and helping her find answers about her brother’s death. He is strong and honorable, yet he is also letting a past failure get in his head. The two have sizzling chemistry.

August Book Review Conclusion

Together, Sara and Gavin solve one mystery after another as the story unfolds into an unexpected ending.

If you enjoy crime dramas, you will like Acceptable Risk by Lynette Eason.

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Disclosure: I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher for an honest review.

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